Monday, April 27, 2009

More Challenges and Changes

I have decided to join two more reading challenges. First off, I signed up for the 100+ Reading Challenge. I didn't think J. Kaye of J. Kaye's Book Blog was going to let me join since it's already April...but she did. Thanks, J. Kaye! The challenge is that the reader has to read 100 plus books before the year ends. I posted a link on the side if anyone is interested. Or you can click on the picture below.

Another reading challenge I've joined is the War Through Generations Reading Challenge which Anne and Selena are hosting. I just couldn't pass up this chance. I love, love, LOVE learning about World War II. I record any documentary that the History Channel and History Channel International feature. Can you see Geek Girl written across my forehead? Yes, I know I don't have a life but I don't care.

I'm digressing again. The challenge is that at least 5 books related to WWII have to be read before the year ends, but more than five is allowed. I also posted a link on the side but you can click on the button below to sign up. There's a reading list to choose from that includes both fiction and nonfiction books. I guess you are wondering...what do these challenges have to the with the changes I'm making? Go ahead...let me hear it.

"Helen, you crazy girl...what do these challenges you've joined have to do with the changes with the blog?"

Well, I've decided to create three more blogs where I will be doing reviews of each of the books I have read for each challenge. I've already provided links so just check them out. I honestly never thought I would start another blog. Let alone 3 more...but I want to organize my reviews a little better and keep track of what I've read. I also want those blogs to be strictly about reviews.

So what does this mean for A Reading Collection? Nothing, really...except I will keep blogging about books I've read...and post anything related to reading. This is my first baby so this blog will always be special to me.

I hope you will stick with me throughout these changes. Like I said before, I'm still learning the ropes around here and making some improvements. So just bear with me here...and thanks to everyone who have been following this blog. I really appreciate your visits.