Sunday, June 28, 2009

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Pub. Date: January 1993
ISBN-13: 9780140177398
Pages: 112
Rating: 5 out of 5
Summary: Of Mice and Men was a novella that was first published in 1937. This is a story of two ranchers in California, George Milton and Lennie Small. They dreamed of owning their own ranch until an unexpected tragedy happened.
Review: I read John Steinbeck's works before when I was in junior high like The Pearl and Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck's a brillant author, and his delivery Of Mice and Men was excellent.
The characters, George Milton and Lennie Small could not be any different. George is a tough, street smart man who acts like a father figure to Lennie who has a mind of a child. Both are determined to work hard and earn money so they can buy a ranch of their own. I really feel for Lennie who is mentally disabled. He loves to pet soft things. In a previous ranch where George and Lennie worked at, an event occurred where Lennie was accused of raping a young girl since he touched a young woman's dress. Both George and Lennie fled to Salinas, and George became extremely over-protective of Lennie. However, despite of George's efforts, Lennie soon gets involved in a dangerous incident.
I was really shocked and sad at the ending, and it raised some ethical questions. I did feel that what George did was reasonable, but was it right? I had some mixed feelings about it. I still gave this story my highest rating only because it's one of the most controversial and interesting stories I've read this year.
Recommendations: This isn't really for the faint of heart. If you're looking for something cheerful to read, Of Mice and Men will probably not be your cup of tea. It comes highly recommended from me if you're looking for a short book to read and if you don't mind reading something thought-provoking.


  1. Hi Helen! I must admit that I'm a sucker for Steinbeck, which I don't tell people right away. My favorite is still The Grapes of Wrath. It's one of the books that made me shudder when I read the ending.

  2. Hi, Peter. Like Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath is one of those books that will stay with you forever. What I like about John Steinbeck is that he writes to like about the common working man. I believe that's what made him a remarkable author.