Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yet Another E-Reader

Usually just before I start working my 12 hour/7 day schedule at the hospital, I try to review a book. Unfortunately, I've been sick with flu-like symptoms. I tried to continue The Age of the Innocence by Edith Wharton, but it was just too difficult to concentrate when my head felt like it's about to split open. book finished = no review.

I decided to blog about the new e-reader that Barnes and Noble just launched. It's called the Nook. I think they could've have come with a better name, but oh well. I guess it's kind of cute in a weird way. PC Magazine released an article about the Nook. You can also learn more about the Nook at the Barnes and Noble website. You can also pre-order it. The Nook will also be available in November at the Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Am I excited that my favorite bookstore in the whole wide world is finally releasing their own e-reader? Well, yes, in a way. I wish them luck in taking on the e-book competition with Kindle 2, which everyone of my friends, but me, seems to have. Still, when I got my email from Barnes and Noble this morning, I didn't jump up and say, "Oh, boy! Let me pre-order that Nook right now!"

There are times when I wish I have an e-reader. The truth is I'm a little apprehensive shelling out $259 plus tax for something I might end up rarely using. I'm really not a gadget geek like brother who likes to buy the latest and the greatest mp3 player or laptop out there.

Even though I think that I can put that $259 to a better use, like say a monthly car payment, I do wonder if it will be worth it economically in the long run. I have read in some people's blog that if they like the e-book they bought through their e-reader, they will still buy the real book. That's fine. I just don't see any sense spending $14.95 (if it's a paperback) or $24.95 (if it's a hardback.)

I'm not trying to be an anti e-reader here, but I guess I need to be convinced a little bit more. And for those of you who have an e-reader (or e-readers), I have some questions. How often do you use your e-reader? Do you think that it was worth buying it in the long run? Has it saved you money?

I'd love to hear from you.


  1. saved me money? LOL ....*snort*...ROFLMAO.... *deep breathe...snicker.... ahem.

    sigh. To be truthful, I did purchase a Kindle but returned it. The pages turned too slow. It has made me too nervous to shell out the money on another eInk ereader.

    I did (ages ago) purchase a Palm and read on it until it died. Not sure if I really needed the calender, contacts and everything else, I bought the Kindle. I also bought an iTouch. I still have the touch and amazon has an app so I can read (but not purchase) Kindle books on it.

    I should have waited and bought a laptop but do I love reading ebooks? You bet! Would I buy a dedicated ereader? um, maybe. I'm looking for Palm Doc, html and pdf compatible. So far, it's 2 out of 3

  2. Book Dragon, thanks for dropping by. Your experience is exactly why I've been afraid to buy an e-reader. Like I said in my post, I might not use it a whole lot. I think that the only times I will be using it is during downtime at work (if and only if we have downtime...and that's not often) and when I travel (which isn't often either.)

    I might consider buying if the price goes down though.